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Click any title to access a specific information page. Services Two people paddling a canoe in deep blue water with a strong red sun in the background Little girl with feet on top of Father's feet, dancing away Mark holding his poodle friend, Tessie, at a sunset beach in Cambria, California Mark with daughter, Gabriela, at a creek outside of Santa Margarita, California when we both were much younger Change your inner vibration by clearing old energy blockages that keep sub-conscious beliefs, patterns, and actions in place. Uses your own voice to create statements that will change you. A year long online course to certify you as a Sound Alchemist. Explore the dimensions of esoteric sound to use as a healing and empowering tool for yourself and others. If you desire to know about the way things are from an esoteric perspective let Mark mentor you for a year. Your experience of this life and the multi-dimensional living afforded us will expand exponentially. Join Mark on the beautiful and magical Central California Coast for a unique one to one three day adventure. Guided by the land and personal guides we will clear the old and launch the new. Mark’s years of personal experience and study have brought forth a variety of techniques and modalities to assist you through the unique form of your moments. Shift the power and impact of your creations by learning the secrets to creating music that is healing and empowering and deeply nurturing. A sound adjustment may be just what is needed to clear energetic blockages that impair your joy and productivity. A one hour session over the phone can put you back in balance. two children walking into a magical forest Father provoding support for daughter learning to play guitar Two little girld selling lemonade at a stand while sampling their wares Cupped hands holding a sprouting green plant In re-establishing a connected and trusted relationship between the adult and inner child selves, we find a familiar place of balance that allows life to flow, outside of the doctrine of limitations. Embark on a critical and necessary journey home. Links   l   Policies  I  Report Web Site Issues  I  Back to Top  I  Customer Support

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3 years of chakra clearing conference calls have been organized into powerful and effective energy clearing packages. Up to 8 hours of cutting edge practices will assist you in raising and maintaining your energetic health and personal vibration

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Your voice is your most potent transformational tool. When it is silenced by the moments of living your power, your creativity, your joy of living are compromised. Learn to reclaim that voice to set your new, full life in motion.

Reclaiming the Natural Voice

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