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Explore resources that support conscious work with people of all ages. These ideas, born in the travels and events through the years can assist in helping to musically augment your understanding and application of music, sound, and vibration. Find here, also, specific resources for recent workshops, concerts, conferences, etc.

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Mark will give away CDs as downloads once a month. On the last day of each month 5 CDs will be gifted to the chosen testimonial about the use of or the impact of Mark’s music or events. Twice each year, one testimonial chosen from all submissions will receive all of Mark’s CDs as downloads, 35 in all. Entries must be submitted by the second to the last day of the month.

The only requirement is that you share your winnings with one other person. In other words, you receive the CDs and your friend does as well. The intent is to invite more people the opportunity to listen to Mark’s music while appreciating you for your support and connection with the songs. Details will accompany the winning email.

Permission is granted by entry for Mark to use your testimonial on this website to invite and inspire others to explore.

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“Your music has been a true friend... I cant tell tell you how much your music has helped me. There have been times where I’d like to just throw my hands in the air and call it quits, and then I’d hear one of your songs, cry it out and suddenly feel at peace. I don't have many people who i may lean on, and that is why i call your music my friend. When no one was there your music was, so thank you.” -Elena

"I received the gift of your offering of sound today at Sonia's workshop. I thanked you for the very important work you are doing at the end. I bought 2 of your CD's and I've got to tell you that "my cup runneth over!"

My body has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for nearly 30 years now. I feel supercharged and overjoyed with a surge of life and love - I completely forgot what that feeling was like! Thank you Mark for your bright sparkling light -sometimes being contagious is a good thing!!"

"Your music is an absolute gift. I am a veterinarian who works with horses and dolphins. I play your music when I am with horses and it "feels" to play an important part in all that is going on. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Heartfelt blessings, Carol 

"I just can't express how much I enjoy your music. I bought three tapes from you and have been listening to them every chance I get, mostly in the car on my long drive to and from work. Even my 6 year old son likes your music. He'll dance around to the tape, My Oh My, which happens to be my favorite also. The song, "Testimony", is my very favorite. I think I could listen to it all day long. It gets my spirit soaring, has me singing along, and fills my heart just full of love." -Erika...Glendale, Arizona

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