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Mark Stanton Welch

the creations of Mark Stanton Welch

Angel singing over the world

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Investment in Personal Evolution

 Rebirth of I AM

Single Payment $1650

Two Payments of $827

Four Payments of $415

Deposit $1000

 Inner Child Mentoring  

Single Payment of $897

Two Payments of $450

Three Payments of $303

 Living the I AM

Entire course pmt $2500

Session Single pmt $897

Session 2 pmt $450

Session 4 pmt $230

 Spiritual Mentoring

Per Session $100

4 Sessions $350

12 Sessions $1000

 Re-Educating the Ego  (Coming Soon)

Single Payment $897

2 Payments of $450

 Healing Music Musician Training (Available Now)

Single Payment $457

2 Payments of $230

3 Payments of $155

 Sound Waves Inner Mystery School

Intro to Sound Alchemy $199

Sound Waves L1 and 2 $1400

Sound Waves Session 1 $795

SW Session 1
2 Payments $405

SW Session 1
4 Payments $205

 V.I.B.E.S. Session

Services Subscriptions

Chant of the Week

 Vibrational Attunement

Attunement Initial Payment $200

Attunement Final Payment $295

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 Sound Waves Inner Mystery School  (Coming in 2015)

SW Session 2 $795

SW Session 2
2 Payments $405

SW Session 2
4 Payments $205

San Luis Obispo Intensive $275

Skype Seminar

 Reclaiming the Natural Voice

Hour Session $75

Weekend Intensive $757

Rebirth of I AM  l  Inner Child mentoring  l  Living the I AM  l  Spiritual Mentoring  l  Re-educating the Ego   
Healing Music Musician Mentoring  l  Intro to Sound Healing  l  Sound Waves Inner Mystery School   
Church Music Program  l V.I.B.E.S. Session  l  Vibrational Attunement  l  Reclaiming the Natural Voice   
  Chant of the Week   l   Weekly Empowerment  l  Solid on the Earth    


Solid on the Earth

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How-to Articles $67

Weekly Empowerments $57

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