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Here you can partake in purchasing music that will nurture your Spirit, open your heart, invite you to sing, move you to move, remind you of your magnificence, restore the Truth of your Being, inspire you, ground you, motivate you to change and take action on your behalf, and leave you feeling like a beautiful child.

I am delighted to be able to offer so much of a variety of my creations in such different ways. You can access the CD, download just the songs you desire, or download the whole cd in CD format. In time you will be able to do so much more...

Enough intro...its time to get shopping! Thanks for visiting Music for Every Soul...Let me tell you about what is here as well as what is coming.

In time you will be able to:

      Currently you can:

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Second in the Chakra Immersion Series. Clear, balance, maintain, and empower the Second Chakra. Root Chakra CD Serene Soul CD Complete Chakra Clearing You Are Beautiful Bookmark Featured Items

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Song Sequences for Youth Programs

Four 5 song sets of original songs to support your Sunday morning youth program. Loosely theme based, these songs address key elements in the flow of your morning experience. Can be used to focus the lesson, as discussion starting points, as transitions…
Volume 1 of 3 intended. Click the cover for more info, samples and to order.

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