Introduction to Sound Alchemy

If you are new to working with sound and vibration, then this 8 week course is just the place to start. In addition to learning about the foundations of working with sound to change vibration and frequency, you will gather personal tools to apply to your self to create an inner place of center and power.

The nine lessons will be dispensed in PDF form. You will have additional access to supportive audio and visual files as well. You will be shown how to apply the tools.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to cleanse and maintain your personal vibrational frequency, allowing you to be balanced to clearly access your skills and talents in expansive ways.

Lessons will be made available via links every Monday morning for the length of the course. Your password protected access will allow you to return to the lessons as desired. You may also download the PDF files and print them if desired.

The nine lesson topics are:

  1. The Nature of Sound and Vibration
  2. Breath as an Energetic and Sound Tool
  3. Conscious Use of Your Voice
  4. The Power of Toning
  5. Staying Balanced with Chakra Clearing
  6. The Intentional Use of Chants
  7. The Intentional Use of Mantra
  8. Creating and Using Effective Affirmations and Proclamations
  9. Energy Techniques for Self Care

Your financial investment in the 9 week introductory course is only $199.

Upon signup and payment you will have access to the first lesson. For more information and questions please contact Mark via email or phone, at 1.877.427.5855.

To register and receive access to the first lesson via email:

Students of Intro to Sound Healing will receive a 10% discount to the extensive Level One Course.

Please note that you will be contacted for registration details and payment
within 24 hours before you get access to the first lesson.



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Launches December 12, 2011